Standardisation of motorised blinds makes shading one of the key segments of a smart home. Control your shades with pre-set scenes and schedules, either automatically depending on weather conditions, or using your smartphone, tablet or the good old conventional keypad.


An average home these days has at least 10 motorised blinds. The pre-set scenes management allows you to centrally control several blinds at the same time. For example, when you leave home, you can lower all the blinds in your home at the same time by using the keypad or app.


Each blind or set of blinds can also be automatically controlled using timers or schedules, which is very useful for the evening or morning ambiance, or for simulated presence when you are away from home.

Active shading

Automatic shading depending on weather conditions (sun, rain, wind) allows for energy savings and protection in case of (too) strong winds. In summer, the blinds automatically lower to prevent overheating, while in winter the opposite occurs, allowing you to make the most of the heat from the sun.

Individual control

In a smart home, you can still control the blinds manually/conventionally using a keypad.