A professional or semi-professional solution can be connected to the smart home system, meaning that the sensors are connected directly to the system controllers. This provides greater security for the home, surveillance, and event notification, from wherever you are.
Water leak detection
When a water leak occurs, the main water valve automatically closes. At the same time, you will be notified of the leak promptly.
Fire detection
In the event of a fire, immediate action is of utmost importance. With a smart home system, you are notified immediately, no matter where you are.

CO2 and VOC detection

It is crucial to be informed about elevated CO2 or VOC levels. This ensures that the air quality in your home is always at its highest.


Burglar alarms
Interconnectivity with any burglar alarm system. Possibility of remote monitoring via the app and notifications of any untoward incidents.
Video surveillance
A professional system for office spaces that increases both occupant comfort and safety, ensures energy efficiency and enables remote management through the app.