Recently, lighting has become one of the most important segments in a home. As the number of light sources increases and new functionalities are added, the question arises how to manage light sources easily and efficiently at the same time. Smart control can make operating the lights easier and more energy-efficient, and enable many advanced features that improve well-being, quality of life and increase comfort levels.


When you leave home, would you like to switch off all the lights simultaneously? Adjust the evening ambiance for a movie night with a single flick of a switch? All of this is made possible by using the function of central management of pre-set ambiances or by setting your own ambiances. With a simple flick of a switch or using the smartphone app, you can adjust several light sources to your desired setting at the same time.


Automatic timer control greatly increases security of your home. In professional terms, this feature is called presence simulation, meaning that when you are away from home, lights automatically switch on/off to ward off potential intruders. Schedules can also simplify control of exterior lighting. Once the setting that suits you is adjusted, the exterior lighting will be exactly how you want it, day after day.

Individual control

For slightly less advanced or digitally savvy users, manual/individual control of light sources is still available in the smart home. In practice, this means that you can still control each light source as if there was no smart home system present.

Presence simulation

For greater home security, the function of presence simulation is available. When the house is empty, make it seem from the outside like you are at home and deter potential intruders.

Night mode

Night mode means that as you walk to the kitchen during the night, you’ll be accompanied by soft lighting that won’t blind you and wake others who are asleep. This mode also makes it easy to set the ambient lighting to the desired soft mode for night time.

RGBW lighting

RGBW dimmer control using the app will keep even the most demanding of users satisfied. Different ambiances/colours can be efficiently controlled with a single smart home app. Just one click on the app is enough to conjure up a romantic ambiance, a work ambiance, and more.

Outdoor lighting

The smart home system ensures that the exterior lighting of the house is optimally illuminated at all times. The sunrise/sunset function automatically adjusts the lighting function throughout the day.

Weather station control

To ensure that the interior and exterior ambient light levels are always optimised, the light sources can be controlled automatically in conjunction with a light sensor or based on the sunrise/sunset. This will keep your home optimally illuminated every day of the year, both the interior and exterior, without the need for manual adjustments.