Smart home

Energy savings up to 20%.

What do we offer?

We offer solutions from idea to execution for smart houses, apartments, and office spaces. Make your home comfortable, safe, energy efficient and digitised.


A home that adapts to your needs and does the thinking for you.


The need for security is one of the most fundamental human needs. A smart home provides the highest level of home security.

Energy efficiency

Save on energy consumption with optimal and automatic operation of heating and air conditioning systems. In doing so, you contribute at the same time to reducing environmental pollution.

Smart home management

Manage and monitor your home from wherever you are. Quite simply, using our app.

KNX Integration

Benefit from ENTIAliving’s integration with the KNX protocol and choose from a wide range of intelligent switches and thermostats from manufacturers worldwide.

Participation procedure


Basic ideas

With the term 'smart' popping up at practically every turn, it makes perfect sense for anyone building a house or renovating an apartment to at least consider designing a smart home. As this is a complex issue, the first step is to have the desire and a basic idea of the functionalities of a smart home.


Meeting with an expert

Building on the architectural floor plan, a baseline informative offer is prepared with a set of functionalities most commonly implemented in the segment of private houses or apartments. This is followed by a meeting with an expert in our showroom, where all the possibilities for a smart home are presented.


Inclusion in the electrical design (part of the detailed design)

From the professional perspective, step 3 is crucial. It is very important to integrate and detail the smart home system during the planning stage – include it in the detailed electrical design. We will explain why this is so important at the final stage.


Booting up and programming the system

At the final stage of the electrical works, once the wiring is finished, the electrical contractor, based on the design documentation, installs and connects the elements (switches, thermostats, etc.) of the smart home and connects the controllers inside the electrical control cabinet. The next step is the programming, configuration, testing and commissioning of the system, carried out by an Entia expert technician.


Final user settings

If step 3 is the most important step from a professional point of view, the final step is the most important for the user. At this stage, when all the technical details have been completed, the user settings are configured, such as schedules, scenes, ambiances, scene keypad functionality, the app, platform integration and setup (Apple, Google, Amazon), etc.