Improve your living environment



  • Energy

    Why spend when we can save. Saving energy has never been more fun. ENTIAliving, environment and wallet friendly.

  • Scenes & Schedules 

    Control everything at once with ENTIAliving scenes. Have the temperature drop when you are away. Think less, do more.

  • Remote Control

    Have your home in your pocket, wherever you are. Beautiful free apps for smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

  • Sensor Value Presentation

    Want to measure something? Anything? Air quality, sun radiation, temperature? Be aware of the quality of your surroundings.

  • Security & Safety

    Feeling safe is essential in a home, and ENTIAliving makes it so. Protection from burglary, flood, fire and more…

  • Ventilation Control

    Automatic ventilation based on the air quality (humidity, CO2, CO etc.) is completely automatic with ENTIAliving.

  • Shading Control

    Control your shades and blinds. Scenes, remote control, weather based control, it’s all there.

  • Lighting Control

    Individual lights or groups of light, dimmed ambient lighting, pool or garden lighting system, scenes, remote control…

  • Heating & Cooling Control

    With ENTIAliving at the helm of your home, heating and cooling is as intuitive and cost effective as anybody would want it.


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Designed, manufactured and assembled in EU.