About the company

The company Entia was founded in 2009 and the product ENTIAliving was “born” a year later. A cloud based smart home for new residential buildings that increases the energy efficincy, security and comfort of a home while enabling world wide remote control with smartphones, tablets or personal computers. Assembled with the highest quality components and manufactured in European Union, ENTIAliving covers all the functionality of any smart home system available on the market, adding cloud related advantages, such as world wide monitoring and remote control, remote management and service etc. ENTIAliving is moving a luxury product into the mass market thus making smart home widely affordable.


Our process

The ENTIAliving system has been improving based on the users experience and feedback, and has been implemented into several buildings, mostly residential, but also offices and hotels have been equipped.

Today Entia still continues to find and develop new, better, more efficient and more user friendly solutions to integrate into the ever developing ENTIAliving system. The goal of the company is to become a major player at home and abroad on the smart home systems market.

Entia is also active in the research field, cooperating with Jožef Stefan Institute, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana and others. Cloud based solutions for various research fields, smart grids, virtual power plants, user interfaces, energy distribution networks are some of the research fields covered by Entia.