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Entia Company

Entia is a global innovator active in the areas of R&D, production and implementation of Smart home products. Under own brand name ENTIAliving, Entia has designed a cloud-based home automation system primarily intended for integration into residential buildings (apartments, houses).

About the company

What Is ENTIAliving?

ENTIAliving is a smart home system that enables automatic control of living environments with the aim of increasing the comfort and security of its users, providing efficient energy use and enabling remote control via an Internet network. The concept of the ENTIAliving system is designed so as to enable its user’s manual control of the living environments with the use of a personal computer, mobile phone, or a tablet PC. For even simpler use, the ENTIAliving system also includes room controllers that are installed in every room separately and can be used with the help of a touch screen.. Read more… Download brochure [pdf]

Recent projects

Hotel Plaza BTC City
Empire Wold Iraq
Sodobna Vila Rožna Dolina
The Russian Emperor Residence
The Castle of Ljubljana


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